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23 Sep September 2017 Newsletter



Monthly Newsletter | September 2017

There will be NO Club Lunch in September

photos by Linda Iriart

Both mass and Besta Berri were celebrated by Father Antton Egiguren Iraola from Boise, Idaho.  Mass was followed by a steak barbecue lunch.  Entertainment was provided by the Chino dance groups and klika, followed by a lamb barbecue dinner and public dancing to Holakiki–a group from the Basque Country.  This picnic had it all–even a heavy down-pour of rain followed by sunshine and cooler weather. 
Thank you to all the dance instructors (Jeanette Duhart, Angela Arrosagaray, Annette Indaburu, Maite Maisterrena, Aline Anema, Bernadette Iturriria and Michelle Jaureguy) for the time and effort you give to our young dancers. And thank you Hannah Isom and Christian Jaureguy for making us so proud every time we watch the Gauden Bat dance.
RAFFLE WINNERS were as follows:

1st Place:  Tony Campos

2nd Place:  Nicholas Quincey

3rd Place:  Nancy Petrissans

4th Place:  Tom Mullen

5th Place:  Marianna Etcheverria

6th Place:  Mario Quezada


Congratulations to Mike Aphessetche who won the Class A handball final on Saturday, September 2nd.  
Other players from Chino included Xanti Oteiza, Jacob Sealy, Jackson Anema, Riley Anema, Niko Calderon, Denis Petrissans, Christian Jaureguy, Jacob Jaureguy, Alain Duhart and Gonzolo Monti.
click here for a list of final scores

Thank you Mike Aphessetche, for overseeing the pilota practices and continuing our long standing tradition.  Thank you John Plaa, for maintaining our pala practices.


NABO hosted this year’s championship. The games were partially played in San Francisco and the final games were played in Chino.  Eleven teams from nine different countries played.  The winners were Patxi Altuna and Rufino Iribarren from Canada.   Second place team was from the Basque Country, Martin Begiristain and Javier Gabarain.

Next year’s tournament will be held in Argentina.


Thank you, Mike & Chris Aphessetche (Orange County Scaffold) for the wonderful stage set up at the clubhouse for both the final night of Udaleku and the Saturday night event of our picnic weekend.
Thank you for lamb donations to Earl & Sondra Elrod, George & Maite Petrissans, St. Jean & Catherine Gastelluberry, Bert & Danielle Aphessetche and Isidore & Marie Claire Camou.

Thank you for pig donations to JB & Claudia Aguerre, Albert & Gracie Goyenetche and Harold & Pam Tillema.

Thank you, Candida Echeverria, for your donation towards the raffle tickets.

And, finally, thank you Anna Marie Etcheverria for all your continued support on our picnic booklet, website and newsletter Your talents are most appreciated!


Congratulations to Stella Arambel for winning the CBC Booklet Cover contest.  This design was also used for our posters.  Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!



In Memory of Pedro & Mathilde Etchamendy by Anne Sanchez, Mike   Etchamendy & Mathieu Etchamendy

In Memory of Eugenie Sallaberria, Carlos Gamboa, Mary Jane Labrucherie, Etienne Goyenetche by Bernadette Quincey & Noeline Mocho

In Memory of Anton Camou by George & Maite Petrissans

In Memory of Etienne Goyenetche by Louise Indart

In Memory of Manolo Pichardo, Gabino Quintana, Marie Ahadoberry, Mary Jane Labrucherie, Jose Conde, Eugenie Sallaberria, Jeanne Plaa & Carlos Gamboa by John & Julie Plaa


In Memory of Mary Jane Labrucherie by Barbara Verrell & Linda Gunderson

In Memory of Mary Jane Labrucherie by Bernard & Grace Inchauspe


Donations to Memorial Fund or Scholarship Fund can be sent to:

Chino Basque Club   |   PO Box 1080   |   Chino, CA 91710



14 > Iparreko Ibarra Besta & Mus, Rocklin, CA

22 > CBC Club Lunch at noon, Chino Basque Club

28 > Basque Culture Day, San Francisco (BEO)


19 > CBC Memorial Mass & Club Lunch, 10 a.m., Chino Basque Club

Activities Schedule

Pilota practice is at the Aphessetche Trinquet  and at the Centro Basco during the spring & summer months. 9 a.m. on Sundays. Email Mike Aphessetche for information at
Pala practice at the Aphessetche Trinquet.  Time will fluctuate, so phone John Plaa for information (951) 205-6030.

Dance Practices for Eskualdun Izarrak, Dantzari Onestak & Xori Ttipiak will resume again in April of 2018.

Board of Directors

President: JB Aguerre (c)

Vice-President: Isidore Camou

Treasurer: Jeanette Duhart

Secretary / Newsletter: Marianna Etcheverria

Directors:  Martin Almirantearena Jeanette Bidart, Andréa Bidart-Oteiza, Louise Camou, Begoña Echeverria,  Steve Gamboa, Mitch Gariador, Kathie Goyeneche, Norberta St. Esteben

Mus ChairpersonJ.B. Aguerre (c)

Jr. Mus CoordinatorCandida Echeverria

Club Event CoordinatorCandida Echeverria

Cooking CrewI. Camou, S. Gamboa, Mitch Gariador & N. Irisarri

Kitchen crew contactMaite Petrissans

Bar Crew: Candida Echeverria 

Building Manager: Jeanette Duhart

Outside Grounds: J.B. Aguerre (g) 

Xori Ttipiak: Anita Duhart-Peacock, Bernadette Iturriria & Michelle Jaureguy

Euskaldun Izarrak: Annette Indaburu, Jeanette Duhart & Angela Arrosagaray-Cossey

Dantzari Onestak: Maite Maisterrena & Aline Anema

Gauden Bat: Christian Jaureguy & Hannah Isom 

Entertainment: Andréa Bidart-Oteiza & John Ysursa 

Klika Coordinator: Dominique Camou

Klika Instructors: Gilbert Lanathoua & Martin Almirantearena 

NABO Representatives: Denis Petrissans & John Plaa

Basque Liturgies: Aita Javier Altuna, Germaine, Evelyne & Gilbert Lanathoua 

Established in 1968 | NABO Member since 1978


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